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New Hires Focus Group UX Study

In March 2016, the UX Team conducted a focus group with seven new library employees to identify ways the library's orientation and interview process could be improved.

Research Questions

  • How do new library staff perceive the interview process?
  • What is the orientation process like for new library staff?
  • How do new library staff view the organizational culture of the library?
  • What areas do new library staff identify could be improved in the library?


  • Orientation satisfaction survey
  • Focus group discussion among seven new library staff 

What did we Learn?

  • New library staff generally thought the interview process was fair and relatively standard.
  • New library staff perceived the library to be very student-oriented.
  • New library staff identified that communication could be improved within library teams and to users.
  • The organizational culture of the library was perceived differently by new library staff. Most reported the library was a friendly or caring workplace. Some reported it was relaxed or flexible; while others reported it was complicated or disjointed.

Our Recommendations

  • Build alone time into the interview agenda to allow candidates a moment to decompress.
  • Create a more standardized orientation process so that all new staff have similar on-boarding experiences.  
  • Create a New Hire Orientation Handbook that outlines the orientation process and explains various library services, functions, and organizational practices.
  • Incorporate shadowing into the orientation process
  • Ensure new staff have meaningful projects to work on after orientation is completed.
  • Enhance communication within the library and to various user groups
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