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Testing our Website Navigation (Part 3)

In January 2020, the UX Team tested our navigation structure in beta with students. 

Research Questions

  • Can users complete the usability tasks?

  • Is our web content organized intuitively and logically?

  • Can we ‘go live’ with this navigation structure?


  • Following Part 1 and Part 2 of navigation testing, we designed a five task usability test

  • We conducted intercept testing in the library’s lobby

  • 21 students participated; not all participants completed all tasks. On average, each participant completed three tasks

What did we Learn?

  • Success was defined as 60% of users could complete the task. All tasks were successfully completed

  • Most users scrolled to the bottom of the page to find contact information

  • All users were able to locate our borrowing policy now located under the “Using the Library” menu; a recommendation from Part 2

  • Most users indicated they would Google information rather than navigating the website

Our Recommendations

  • Order menu items by popularity

  • Move Contact Us to the footer; does not need to be a menu item

  • We are ready to “go live” with this version of the navigation structure


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