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Clayton M. (Clay) Switzer

About the Interviewee: 
Faculty/Head Botany Dept. OAC 1955-73. Dean OAC 1973-84; Deputy Minister OMAF 1985-89

Clay Switzer grew up on a farm in Middlesex Co. and graduated from the OAC in 1951. After obtaining his MSc in Botany at Guelph and PhD in Plant Physiology at Iowa State University, he has had an outstanding career in Ontario agriculture. His positions in sequence have included faculty member and Chair of the Botany Department, Associate Dean and Dean of the OAC, President of the Agricultural Institute of Canada, and lastly, Deputy Minister of Agriculture for Ontario. He has also served as President of the University of Guelph Alumni Association.

In the interview, which is over one hour in length, he reminisces about his time as a student and in each of the positions he has held. He compares the mode of operation of Universities and government departments. He also describes his role in the 100th and 125th Anniversary celebrations of the OAC and in the development of the turfgrass Research Institute and the Conservatory and Gardens on the campus.

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E. Brubaker
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RE1 UOG A1340113