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Don Barnum

About the Interviewee: 
1942-45 Royal Can. Medical Corp in charge of diagnostic labs; 1945-83 Faculty OVC (Microbiology) specialize in bovine mastitis

Donald Barnum was born near Campbellville, not far from Guelph, and graduated from OVC in 1941. He had a busy, interesting and long career, starting with the Ontario Department of Health laboratories for 2 years, followed by 2 years in the army (Royal Canadian Medical Corps), after which he joined the OVC faculty in the Dept. of Microbiology until his retirement in 1983.

During this time, Dr. Barnum was actively involved with bovine mastitis, enteric diseases of farm animals and poultry, and fungal diseases of skin, among others. His achievements were many and he was associated with the publication of more than 100 papers and books. He gained international recognition for work in a number of fields, including bacterial resistance to antibiotics. His duties included lecturing to both undergraduate and graduate students.

Throughout his career, and also following official retirement, Dr. Barnum gave lectures to veterinarians in several countries at the request of the United Nations. During the 46+ years of association with OVC, Dr. Barnum has seen some interesting events, and many changes, which are related in this interesting interview.

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R. Darling
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RE1 UOG A1340165