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Doris Darrach

About the Interviewee: 
Early female student at OAC


           Born in Guelph, Doris Darrach attended OAC when female students were a definite minority. During her student days, she lived at home and even brought her lunch which she had to eat in the women’s washroom, rather than eat in Creelman Hall. Although she lived off campus, she enjoyed the classes and activities immensely. In the interview, she mentions many professors who may have had an influence on her life – Professors Blackwood, Tom Jones, Jim Taylor, McConkey, MacLachlan, Stevenson, and E.C. McLean. Doc Staples was not a favourite! She took part in College Royal, the Glee club and drama.

           To help with expenses, Doris worked with Professor Truscott in the Horticulture Department at the time when freezing of fruits and vegetables was a new method of preservation. She also worked at the local Loblaws and Ryan’s department store at an hourly wage of 20 to 25 cents an hour. She vividly recalls a field trip to the Holland Marsh and the CBC. At that time, there was little or no mingling with the MAC girls. She made many and lasting friendships while at OAC, having met her husband and a few classmates with whom she still keeps in touch. She married shortly after graduation and raised four children. Doris continues to support her Alma Mater through participation in OAC ’42 activities and the Alma Mater Fund.

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F. Partridge
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RE1 UOG A1340002