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Edyth Bray

About the Interviewee: 
Faculty Macdonald Institute 1946-1971

Call number: RE1 UOG A1340028

Ms. Bray obtained an Ontario College of Education (OCE) diploma at the University of Toronto in 1932 and taught in high school for six years in St. Catharines. Her OCE did not permit her to teach household science, so she returned to U. of T. for further accreditation. She then taught in Simcoe for four years.

Ms. Bray then obtained a teaching job at Macdonald Institute one year after the end of World War II, in August 1946. Academic studies at the Institute had been suspended during the war, and its facilities were used by the Royal Canadian Air Force for a wireless school and a cooking school. The furnishings and much of the equipment of Macdonald Institute were removed by the RCAF as the war was ending.

Housing was near impossible to find in Guelph at the time Edyth Bray moved there because veterans and agricultural students had spoken for all apartments and houses. The president of the college suggested that Ms. Bray and two other faculty members, Jessie Lambton and Louisa Brill, could live in Macdonald Institute. They were given the task of re-furnishing and re-designing the building to accommodate themselves and the new students in the fall of 1946. Edyth was among the planners of the new wing of the Institute. She taught housing. Jessie Lambton and Louisa Brill both taught foods.

Macdonald Institute, at that time, gave diploma courses. Edyth Bray’s course in housing included interior work and design. She also taught a sewing course. Edyth continued to teach courses in housing and design until retirement in July of 1971.

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F. Partridge
Call Number: 
RE1 UOG A1340028