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Frank Graham

About the Interviewee: 
Worked in Maple Leaf Mills (Master Feeds), mostly sales and travelled all across Canada; then upon retirement from there in 1973, worked a number of part-time jobs

W. Frank Graham was a 1937 graduate of O.A.C. He describes interesting aspects of his
student days, such as initiation and other extracurricular activities. He also discusses some of his professors and his relationships with them as a student. He enters into considerable detail regarding his career following graduation, mainly involving sales while employed by Maple Leaf Mills. In this capacity, he travelled all across Canada and was instrumental in initiating substantial change.
Following his retirement from Maple Leaf (then Master Feeds) in 1973, Frank worked part-time at a number of jobs, and his descriptions of these positions and the means by which he obtained them is also of significance.

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Ross Hay
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RE1 UOG A1340068