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Fred Presant

About the Interviewee: 
Pilot WW1, Master Feeds 1928- became CEO. Chair, Bd of Regents of Federated Colleges, Vice Chair first Bd. Of Governors, U of G

Fred Presant grew up in Guelph where his grandfather and then his father owned and operated the Guelph Victoria Flour Mill on the Speed River at Wyndham Street until 1914.

Fred enlisted in the Royal Flying Corp in 1917 and served in France as a pilot. Dr. Creelman was president when he enrolled in the Ontario Agricultural College. Fred talks about his first job in Horticultural Extension and his next job at the new Agricultural Experiment Farm at Ridgetown. He then joined what later became Master Feeds in 1928 and eventually became Chief Executive Officer (CEO). He was instrumental in starting the Canadian Feed Manufacturers’ Association as well as the Poultry Industry Commission (PIC) of Ontario.

Fred worked in Ottawa during WWII for the Wartime Prices and Trades Board. Returning to Toronto Elevators, he became actively involved in the Alumni Association at OAC. He was instrumental in changes in the administration of the 3 colleges: Ontario Agricultural College (OAC), Ontario Veterinary College (OVC), and Macdonald Institute (MAC), then to the Federated Colleges and, finally, to the University of Guelph in 1964. He served as Chair of the Board of Regents of the Federated Colleges and Vice-chair of the first Board of Governors of he University of Guelph.

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H. Pettit
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RE1 UOG A1340007