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James A. Henderson

About the Interviewee: 
An Hygiene, US. Prof OVC. LA Med & AI. Auth - Blood & Henderson. Dean, Wash St.

“If you wanted to be a vet in those days, there was no other school that one could attend,” said Dr. Henderson, “There was no money in farming in Manitoba in 1932, so we sold the farm, which provided the money to go to Guelph.”

“We raided the apple orchard one night. A watchman fired a shotgun. We were a bunch of scared prairie boys who go out of there in a hurry.”

During James’ time at OVC, the faculty was small and consisted of six to seven professors with over 40 in the class. There were no electives. Surgery classes were mainly demonstrative surgery and each student spayed one dog.

Jim relates wartime experiences in England, followed by his tenure as professor at OVC immediately after the war. He later moved to Washington State and then back to Ontario.

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F. Partridge
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RE1 UOG A1340013