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Jay M. Isa

About the Interviewee: 
Prov Vet, Manitoba Univ. of Manitoba

Jay Isa was born and raised in Manitoba. He graduated with a degree in Agriculture from the University of Manitoba and completed an MSc with Dr. Savage in the Bacteriology Dept. of the University where he worked before attending the OVC. Following graduation in 1938, Dr. Isa worked with Dr. Savage in the Pathology Laboratory at the University of Manitoba.

In those early days of laboratory diagnosis, Dr. Isa had many interesting experiences with conditions rarely seen today. WEE, dourine, brucellosis, pullorum disease and the first diagnosis of anthrax in Manitoba (spread, according to Dr. Tom Hulland, by army experiments with anthrax-laden explosives at the army base at Suffield). Although it is not mentioned in the interview, Dr. Isa told me (Dick Julian) that the first diagnosis of anaplasmosis in Canada was also made at the Manitoba Veterinary Laboratory in Winnipeg.

Dr. Isa was active in the CVMA, arranging the programme for the initial meeting, and in the MVMA. Dr. Isa was married to Dr. Ann Laidlaw, OVC ’45.

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J.R. Singleton
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RE1 UOG A1340074