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Maurice B. Foster

About the Interviewee: 
Mixed prac Algoma. MP Algoma & Fed Min Agr .

This interesting interview develops the scenario where a Northern Ontario veterinary practitioner of 11 years embraces a new career involving some 25 years as an elected member of the federal parliament and another 12 serving government in various other capacities. Dr. Foster tells some amusing anecdotes concerning his reasons for taking up veterinary medicine, his career as a veterinarian, and how his interest in politics resulted in his new career, how that developed, making reference from time to time to situations wherein his training and experience as a veterinarian proved, not just useful, but invaluable. His first-hand accounts of the workings of government may help explain the arcane activities on Parliament Hill. A good example is his use of net-working within government circles in order to obtain sizable grants for Canadian veterinary colleges. His honest assessment of well-known personalities and groups within and close to government are also enlightening.

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P. Ide
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RE1 UOG A1340145