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Ross Cavers

About the Interviewee: 
Student manager Aggie football team- 1926-29. Head of Poultry Dept.- Univ. of Manitoba 1936-48. Head of Poultry Dept U of Guelph- 1948-68

            Ross Cavers from Hickson, Oxford County, Ontario, graduated from the OAC in 1929. As an undergraduate, he worked in the Poultry Department and, on graduating, joined the faculty of that department. In 1937, he became Head of the Poultry Department at the University of Manitoba and, in 1946, returned to head the Poultry Department at the OAC, a position he held until his retirement in 1968. Ross was an avid football fan, acting as manager of the OAC team as an undergraduate, and continued his involvement on returning to the faculty in 1946. He was a great story teller.

            The first two of the three tapes from the interview relate highly entertaining stories of his experiences as an undergraduate with the football team, of initiation escapades, and of working in the Poultry Department. The third tape is about his time in the Poultry Departments at Winnipeg and Guelph, and on the changes in the poultry industry over the years.

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Interview Date: 
A. Ferguson
Call Number: 
RE1 UOG A1340034