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Stan Young

About the Interviewee: 
Faculty Crop Science. Director Extension/ Diploma Program

Stan Young graduated from OAC in 1949. He grew up on a farm in Cochrane District, Northern Ontario. He talks about life on the farm, finding out about and coming to the OAC and being one of the youngest members in a class of mainly returning servicemen. Following a brief period of work with the Soils and Crops Branch of the Ontario Deprtment of Agriculture, Stan was accepted for postgraduate studies at Cornell University. At Cornell, he earned a Masters and Doctorate in Plant Breeding, Agronomy, and Extension Education, receiving his PhD in 1959.

Stan then became Extension Agronomist in the department of Field Husbandry at OAC. In 1969, he was appointed Director of the 2 year Diploma Program and Extension Co-coordinator for OAC. In 1974, his role changed to Extension Coordinator for OAC and professor in the Crop Science Department. With field trips, Stan brought farmers and industry persons into the classroom. As Extension Coordinator, he concentrated on involving all parts of the agricultural industry in OAC extension programs.

Stan retired in 1992. He continued to be involved with the Ontario Forage Council and the Ontario Hay Producers.

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E. Brubaker
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RE1 UOG A1340101