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Now Available: SAGE Research Methods Video

SAGE Research Methods Video

SRM Video provides access to over 450 streaming videos including tutorials, interviews, video case studies, and mini-documentaries covering the entire research process. Coverage includes quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods. Browse or search the collection by subject discipline or method type.

From SAGE,

“Do you want to refresh your knowledge of research methods? Or bring concepts alive in your classroom? Our collection of videos will give you lots of options to select from! We have videos with discipline specific orientation, such as those focused on the subject of business research. And we have many films that focus exclusively on a research method and its operation, ideal for use across the spectrum of academic disciplines – for example those focused on survey research methods. Video types include succinct definitions of concepts and methods, full-length documentaries delineating research processes, in practice accounts of professional research activity, interviews with leading academics in the field of research, lectures on topics such as Big Data, step-by-step tutorials demonstrating research and analysis techniques, and video cases describing real-life experiences of research in operation.”

The videos are fully integrated with our existing SAGE Research Methods subscription which includes books, handbooks and encyclopedias and the well known little green books (quantitative methods series) and little blue books (qualitative methods series).

A few examples of the different types of videos on offer:

Researching police confrontations and self defense: content analysis of YouTube videos (case study)

An Introduction to Video Diaries and Video Ethnography (tutorial)

Social Media Research & Ethics (interview)

Polling and the Political Process (in practice)

Give it a try now: SAGE Research Methods Video